Future Exhibitions

Opening Friday, March 9, 2018 Solo Exhibit of Three-dimensional works by Barbara Valle


Luscious, complex shapes in muted calming colors will fill the walls of The Walter Art Gallery in March and April of 2018.  These works by noted local artist Barbara Valle are beautiful, thoughtful, feel effortless, and yet clearly require great technical skill.  Valle is interested in the spontaneity and simplicity of everyday actions, common objects, and ordinary materials.  She says, “I find beauty and honesty in flaws and imperfections, and the inward self-reflection that they inspire.”  Valle works with an inventory of thumb and tongue prints she has created, and uses oil markings, self-curving sheets, and wrinkles to convey an ethereal sense of place. Simple physical strokes of pigment are applied with minimal force.  In the current show, she combines this vocabulary with the use of improvised materials to stretch the boundaries of abstract painting. Her dimensional oil paintings are translucent, creating light pieces that seem to float in their spaces.  Materials are twisted and shaped into folds and undulations. The material becomes the art object.