The Walter Art Gallery presents:

 “The Memphis Rainbow Parlour”
Created by Mark Freedman & Lisa von Hoffner
Reception Friday May 18
and Friday May 25  6-9pm

Mark Freedman and Lisa von Hoffner have curated and installed a new place for the artistically curious.  It is The Memphis Rainbow Parlour, and you will feel lifted up and energized during and after your visit.  Their lively colors, pleasing lines, natural found objects, and human-made organic forms, have coalesced into a new creation.  These classically trained artists partnered to create a parlor inspired by the Italian Memphis Design Group, the parlors and salons of Versailles, and their own passion for color and shine. Freedman creates fabricated artifacts which “celebrate the classic beauty of human endeavor and the ephemeral beauty of human life.”  Von Hoffner uses visual hyperbole to help the viewer disengage from self and enjoy a moment of the infinite. Together their efforts encourage visitors to inhabit an ephemeral space filled with instances of infinity. To help ground you after the works stretch your reality, we’ll serve you tea and cookies as a tasty tie to the here and now.


The second reception for “The Memphis Rainbow Parlour” will take place on Friday May 18, 6pm – 9pm with an opportunity to meet Mark Freedman and Lisa von Hoffner.

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