The Walter Art Gallery presents:

 “The Memphis Rainbow Parlour”
Created by Mark Freedman & Lisa von Hoffner
Opening Reception Friday April 20  6-9pm

The two artists worked in partnership on this unique show which will include a series of fanciful vignettes composed of paintings, mixed media pieces, and found artifacts.  In these works, Freedman and Hoffner were influenced by the Italian “Memphis Design Group” whose design and architecture were characterized by colorful decoration and asymmetrical shapes.  The word “rainbow” reflects their passion for color. “Parlor” refers to their curiosity about and interest in historical gatherings where people purposely shared their time indulging in feeding the senses. For this particular show, the artists were inspired by the parlors and salons of Versailles and the visions of The Sun King.

three pictures

The opening reception for “The Memphis Rainbow Parlour” will take place on Friday April 20, 6pm – 9pm with an opportunity to meet Mark Freedman and Lisa von Hoffner.  Refreshments will be served including a fantastic collection of nostalgic goodies including Twinkies, Tasty Cakes, Ding Dongs, and Moon Pies.

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